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New words and expressions (2)

rising                          increasing
scream its head off             scream very loudly
paid a brief visit to           visited for a short time
bribery                         money or goods given to
                                someone to win his support

disapproved of                  did not approve of
involvement in                  mixing in
getting mixed up in             becoming involved in
exaggerate                      say that something is more
                                important etc. than it really is
hoax                            (pronounced like jokes) joke
pile                            heap, number of
haystack                        large pile of hay
largely                         mainly
community                       district and its people
issue                           question or problem for discussion
subsidies                       help in the form of money
                                from die government
appreciate                      here means understand
carry                           here means travel, i.e. be heard
                                in London
good-natured                    friendly
tractor                         vehicle used on a farm for pulling
half a dozen                    six (twelve to a dozen)
roared                          made a loud noise; here came in
                                with a loud noise
imported                        bought from another country
go to waste                     be wasted
assured him                     made him certain
starving                        very hungry
bothered                        taken the trouble
I was cut off                   my telephone connection with you
                                was broken
What on earth...?               a strong way of saying "What...?"
misunderstanding                mistake due to something not being
salad                           dish of fresh vegetables
overhear                        hear something  without the
                                speaker knowing
win the crowd over to his side  win the support of the crowd
bombardment                     in the military sense, with heavy
                                guns; here with tomatoes

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New words and expressions

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