Keys to exercises

A. 1. The one in which he was living.
   2. A large majority.
   3. Henry Orpington's election agent.
   4. No, he wants him to cancel them.
   5. Because most of the men were out at work.
   6. Because it was frightened by Henry's beard.
   7. They had been addressing the envelopes for the leaflets
      Henry was sending out.
   8. The subsidies that the new government would be paying.
   9. Because the imported ones were too cheap.
  10. He overheard some of the other farmers planning to break
      up Henry's meeting.

B. 1. The date of the general election was announced by the
      Prime Minister.
   2. He thought he was going to be blown up by a bomb.
   3. We've been cut off.
   4. The news was kept from the press.
   5. I'm not going to let myself be scared by some stupid crank.
   6. The baby must have been frightened by Henry's beard.
   7. He was hit in the face by two of the tomatoes.
   8. If we hadn't been cut off....

C. 1. teenage
   2. cut us off
   3. cancel
   4. crank
   5. scream
   6. bribery
   7. hoax
   8. starving

D. I. Andrew suggested that Henry cancel all his
      engagements for that day.
   2. Henry said that he wasn't going to let himself be scared
      by some stupid crank.
   3. Andrew asked Henry what the man sounded like and if
      he recognized his voice.
   4. Henry said that he didn't because he was half asleep, but
      the man didn't seem to be threatening him.
   5. Andrew said that that made the whole business even more
   6. Andrew told Henry that one day wouldn't make all that
      much difference and that he would tell people that Henry
      had lost his voice.
   7. Henry said that he was going to carry on as usual.
   8. Andrew said he would like to make it clear that he was
      dead against it.

The Parliamentary Candidate
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Author: Alan Townend