Keys to exercises

A. 1. For ten years.
   2. Because he couldn't get used to the hours he had to work.
   3. Because they were given in alphabetical order.
   4. Because he was born there.
   5. So that he would not be noticed.
   6. He said that he and his friends were practising a burglary.

   7. A television actor.
   8. They were rehearsing a scene for a new TV series.
   9. He was trying to open a window in one of the houses.
  10. No, he arrived in a police car.

B. l. for
   2. since
   3. ago
   4. since
   5. ago
   6. since
   7. for
   8. ago

C. 1. He was being congratulated by the chief constable.
   2. The men were dealt with in alphabetical order.
   3. Paul was told by the sergeant to wear civilian
   4. You won't be noticed.
   5. He was relieved by another police officer.
   6. What you say will be written down.
   7. The burglar was overpowered by the four men.
   8. I'm called "Hawkeye".

D. 1. Paul was thinking of giving up.
   2. Paul was sitting round a table with his colleagues.
   3. I've been eating an ice-cream.
   4. It was beginning to get dark.
   5. The men were walking quietly towards the road.
   6. They were trying to open one of the windows.
   7. The burglars were breaking into a house.
   8. Paul is doing his job well.
Author: Alan Townend