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New words and expressions

force                           short for police force
closely                         with great attention
give up                         stop doing something, admit
                                defeat. Here means leaving the
                                police force

early turn                      early duty or shift
deal with                       attend to
alphabetical order              i.e. A first, B second, etc.
"Hawkeye"                       friendly name (nickname)
                                given to someone who notices
                                everything. We often say that such
                                a person has "eyes like a hawk."
petty thefts                    small things stolen
over                            during
civilian clothes                ordinary clothes, not his
                                policeman's uniform
without attracting attention    without being noticed
get bored                       lose interest (because
                                nothing is happening)
bushes                          small trees
relieved                        replaced (by another
congratulated                   praised
a short cut                     a way that shortens the
evidence                        proof
identification                  document proving you are
                                who you say you are
rehearse                        practise
break into                      enter (a house) by force
                                without permission
be about to                     be on the point of
for goodness' sake!             exclamation of annoyance or
never mind                      don't worry
struggle                        fight
overpower                       restrain by force, make
                                someone submit by physical force
warmly                          enthusiastically
switch on                       turn on (the TV)
serial                          programme in several
credit                          thanks, praise

We'll make a policeman of you yet
We think you will eventually become a good policeman

They don't call me Hawkeye for nothing
This is one of the reasons why people call me Hawkeye
Author: Alan Townend