Questions and exercises

A.    Comprehension questions

 1.   How long has Paul Williams been a policeman?
 2.   Why did Paul think of giving up after nine months?
 3.   Why was Paul the last one to receive his orders?
 4.   How does Paul know Faversham Street?
 5.   Why did Paul wear civilian clothes?
 6.   What explanation did the man give for breaking into the

 7.   What was he, in fact?
 8.   What were the three men doing?
 9.   What was the real burglar doing?
10.   Did Sergeant Hawkins arrive on foot?

B.    Use since, for and ago to complete the following sentences:

1.    Paul has been a policeman _____ ten years.
2.    He has been a policeman ______ 1962.
3.    He joined the police force ten years _____.
4.    He has been waiting for his orders _____ three o'clock.
5.    He went to the park two hours _____.
6.    He has been there _____ five o'clock.
7.    He has been there _______ two hours.
8.    He lived in Faversham Street twenty years _____.

C.    Change the following sentences into the passive:

      The men robbed the house.
      The house was robbed by the men.

1.    The chief constable was congratulating him.
2.    He dealt with the men in alphabetical order.
3.    The sergeant told Paul to wear civilian clothes.
4.    They won't notice you.
5.    Another police officer relieved him.
6.    I'll write down what you say.
7.    The four men overpowered the burglar.
8.    They call me "Hawkeye."

D.    Change the verb into the continuous (-ing) form:

1.    Paul thought of giving up.
2.    Paul sat round a table with his colleagues.
3.    I've eaten an ice-cream.
4.    It began to get dark.
5.    The men walked quietly towards the road.
6.    They tried to open one of the windows.
7.    The burglars broke into a house.
8.    Paul does his job well.
Author: Alan Townend