Keys to exercises

A. 1. On the death of his father five years ago.
   2. From the entrance fees.
   3. Because the accounts for the last quarter didn't look very
   4. It will discourage people from coming.
   5. Fifty.
   6. Cook, gardener, security guard, odd-job man.

   7. "The tea is ready, Sir John."
   8. He was bending down to pick up his handkerchief.
   9. Because the staff were just not good enough.
  10. A film director.

B. 1. anecdote
   2. put up with
   3. arrested
   4. stands
   5. sign
   6. bored
   7. fee
   8. bottom

C. 1. If the contract comes off, we'll be all right.
   2. If we raise the entrance fee, people won't come.
   3. If the weather is good, we'll have tea in the garden.
   4. If things go well, Mr. Schulman will sign the contract.
   5. If you look closely, you can see the artist's wife and child
      (or you will be able to see the artist's wife and child).
   6. If Mr. Schulman likes the place, we'll get a contract.
   7. If you shout, people will become annoyed.
   8. If we make a film, we'll use the staff as actors.

D. 1. Only Pelham Manor remained in the family.
   2. Sir John did not want to sell it.
   3. He thought it was worth the effort to keep it.
   4. Few people came here.
   5. Sir John took the visitors round himself.
   6. Were the Pelham-Smiths short of money?
   7. It made an interesting anecdote.
   8. We all drank a lot of tea.
Author: Alan Townend