Questions and exercises

A.    Comprehension questions

 1.   When did Sir John inherit Pelham Manor?
 2.   How does Sir John hope to pay death duties?
 3.   Why did the estate manager look glum?
 4.   What effect will raising the entrance fee have?
 5.   How many American tourists were coming?
 6.   There is a staff of four. What are their jobs?

 7.   Cook says: 'The John is ready, Sir tea." What does she mean
      to say?
 8.   What was the man doing who was almost arrested for picking
 9.   Why didn't Mr. Schulman sign the contract?
10.   Who was Mr. Milsom?

B.    Choose the right word to complete the following sentences:

      fee                           arrested
      stands                        put up with
      bored                         anecdote
      bottom                        sign

1.    He told a very interesting _____.
2.    The staff _____ very poor wages.
3.    The security guard _____ me for picking flowers.
4.    The house _____ in its own grounds.
5.    Mr. Schulman may ______ the contract tonight.
6.    The children looked _____.
7.    We may have to raise the entrance _____.
8.    Look closely at the _____ righthand corner.

C.    Complete these conditional sentences, using the verbs in

      If you _____ the flowers, the guard ______ you. (pick, stop)
      If you pick the flowers, the guard will stop you.

1.    If the contract _____, we _______ all right. (come off, be)
2.    If we _____ the entrance fee, people _____. (raise, not come)
3     If the weather ______ good, we _____ tea in the garden.
      (be, have)
4.    If things _____ well, Mr. Schulman _____ the contract. (go,
5.    If you _____ closely, you _____ see the artist's wife and
      child. (look, can)
6.    If Mr. Schulman _____ the place, we _____ a contract.
      (like, get)
7.    If you ______, people _____ annoyed. (shout, become)
8.    If we ______ a film, we ______ the staff as actors.
      (make, use)

D.    Turn the following sentences into the past simple tense:

1.    Only Pelham Manor remains in the family.
2.    Sir John does not want to sell it.
3.    He thinks it is worth the effort to keep it.
4.    Few people come here.
5.    Sir John takes the visitors round himself.
6.    Are the Pelham-Smiths short of money?
7.    It makes an interesting anecdote.
8.    We all drink a lot of tea.
Author: Alan Townend