A day in the life of a student teacher (2)

Teacher    Didn't he throw things at you?
Henry      No, he didn't.
Teacher    Didn't he pretend to be ill?
Henry      No.

Teacher    I bet he put his tongue out at you, didn't he?
Henry      No, not once.
Teacher    But surely he was rude in some way?
Henry      No, he wasn't rude at all.
Teacher    Did he fall down on the floor and pretend that
           someone had hit him?
Henry      No, he didn't.
Teacher    Perhaps he isn't feeling well.
Henry      He looked perfectly well to me.
Teacher    Are you absolutely sure he didn't do anything?
Henry      Yes, quite sure.
Teacher    Extraordinary! You've performed a miracle!

The rest of the day was as bad as the first lesson, though for one brief moment I thought I had them under control. Suddenly they all stopped talking and there was complete silence. I was delighted, until I turned round and saw the headmaster watching us through the window.

As I was walking back to the staff room after the last lesson, I heard footsteps behind me. It was Jones.

Jones    I'm glad I caught you, sir.
Henry    Oh, why?
Jones    I wanted to thank you for the lessons.
Henry    That's very kind of you, Jones.
Jones    Not at all sir. It's nice to have you as our
Henry    Are you pulling my leg?
Jones    No, sir.
Henry    I don't believe you.
Jones    It's true, sir. Really it is.
Henry    There's something that's been puzzling me,
Jones    What's that, sir?
Henry    Why is it that you have behaved so well when all
         the other teachers think you're the worst boy in
         the class?
Jones    Oh, that's easy, sir. You see, I'm Welsh, you're
         English, and we're both in Scotland.
Henry    No, Jones, I don't see at all. Please explain.
Jones    Well, sir, it's what my father says.
Henry    Go on.
Jones    He says that we foreigners must stick together,
Author: Alan Townend