New words and expressions

frightening                causing fear
college supervisor         teacher at a teacher training
                           college who supervises the
                           student teachers during
                           teaching practice

getting on                 doing, progressing
headmaster                 head teacher of a school
manage                     deal with, cope with
as a matter of fact        to tell the truth
mind you                   remember
pay                        salary
lads                       boys
innocent                   good, harmless
he drew me to one side     he took me to one side (i.e.
                           so the boys couldn't hear
                           what he was saying)
watch out for              be careful of
Welsh                      from Wales
incessantly                without stopping, all the time
occasionally               at times
break                      free time between lessons
staff room                 private room for the teachers
I bet                      here means I am certain
miracle                    something unbelievable
Are you pulling my leg?    Are you making a joke at my
stick together             take the same side, be allies
There's something that's been puzzling me
There's something I don't understand
Author: Alan Townend