Questions and exercises

A.     Comprehension questions

 1.    Where did Henry Robinson do his teaching practice?
 2.    How often did Henry's college supervisor visit him?
 3.    What did Henry want to ask the headmaster?
 4.    What country does Philip Jones come from?
 5.    Where was Philip Jones sitting?
 6.    What did the boys do while Henry was trying to teach
 7.    How did the boys know it was time for break?
 8.    Why did the boys all stop talking?
 9.    Why was Henry puzzled by Jones's behaviour?
10.    What does Philip Jones's father say?

B.     Give short answers, both affirmative and negative, to
       the following questions:

       Did you want to ask me a question?
       Yes, I did.
       No, I didn't.

 1.    Is that clear?
 2.    Has Philip Jones got red hair?
 3.    Did he throw things at you?
 4.    Does he pretend to be ill?
 5.    Has he been ill?
 6.    Were the boys talking all the time?
 7.    But surely he was rude in some way?
 8.    Are you pulling my leg?

C.     Give commands (the imperative) in response tothe
       following instructions:

       Tell Jones not to talk so much.
       Don't talk so much, Jones or Jones, don't talk so much.

 1.    Tell Robinson to come and see you after the lesson.
 2.    Tell him not to come to your study before ten o'clock.
 3.    Tell Henry to watch out for the Welsh boy.
 4.    Tell Jones not to throw things at you.
 5.    Tell him not to pretend to be ill.
       Now use the polite form with please.
 6.    Tell Jones to explain.
 7.    Tell Robinson not to talk about his problems in the staff
 8.    Tell the boys to listen to you.

D.     Change the following statements into questions by adding the
       appropriate tag:

       I bet he put his tongue out at you.
       I bet he put his tongue out at you, didn't he?

 1.    He was very rude.
 2.    He didn't do anything.
 3.    He looked perfectly well.
 4.    He didn't fall down on the floor.
 5.    You're not feeling well.
 6.    You're pulling my leg.
 7.    I'm late.
 8.    We foreigners must stick together.
Author: Alan Townend