Grammar simple past 2

In session 28 we are looking at the past simple. We use the past simple when we are talking about a single action that happened in the past and is completed.

Listen to the following examples:

When I came home last night I had a message on my answerphone. I pressed the replay button and heard a man's voice speaking. I didn't understand what he was saying because the message was in a foreign language. I replayed the recording several times but I wasn't able to identify what language it was. Then I switched on the television and watched a programme about the influence of the Euro on the British economy. After I while I looked at my watch and was quite surprised because it was already half past 8. I wondered where my husband was. He usually comes home before me. I decided to call him at work to find out what happened. I dialled his number and after several rings? (can you say that here?) I heard the same voice I had heard before on my answerphone. I tried to ask the man questions in English but he would always answer in his mother tongue sounded very much like Polish only I didn't understand a single word. After a couple of minutes of unsuccessful conversation I put down the receiver and went back into the kitchen.

OK; here the story stops and I want you to think up a possible end. Please, write down all verbs in the past simple and find out how the past simple is made.

Let's hear your stories in our English class! Till then!
Author: Torsten Daerr