Grammar tenses

Session 25 is another grammar session. As you know grammar exercises can be hard and boring at times but then it's important for you to master the basic grammar rules of the English language. In session 21 we dealt with the present simple and the present continuous. Let's practise some more. Listen to the following conversation and find out which tenses are used:

- Good morning Darling, how are you feeling today?

- Thanks, I'm feeling OK, thanks. What's that sound? Are our neighbours testing their new power tools?

- No, this time it's not our neighbours but our kids.

- Our kids? What are they doing?

- Well, you'll be surprised -- they are listening to the CD you bought them for Christmas.

- Ah, I see. But why aren't they using their headphones?

- Headphones? Do they have headphones?

- Yes, of course they do. They are just not using them to provoke us.

- Oh, come on. Don't say that. They probably think we should be listening to their music, too.

- Right. I should be listening to Techno songs at 9 o'clock on a Sunday morning. You must be kidding!

- 9 o'clock? It's 10:30, the sun is shining and your parents are coming in two hours. How about getting ready for them?

- Why are my parents visiting us today? Did you tell them about my promotion?

- Well, how did you think I could hide such news from them? Of course I told your mother about your success. We're are so proud of you!

- Thanks a lot. Maybe, today you are cooking lunch for a change?

- That won't be necessary I suppose. Our kids are already working hard in the kitchen.

- Is that true? We have wonderful kids, don't we?
Author: Torsten Daerr