Learning English

In session 18 we are again talking about an interesting person from Saxony. This time it's Siegfried. He often goes on business trips to Sweden and that's why he wants to practise his English on a regular basis. Siegfried says it is fascinating to be able to travel freely and to learn more about our European neigbhours. In Sweden English is not a foreign language but a second language that almost every person speaks. People there watch films and TV shows in English without subtitles. Siegfried told me that there are quite a number of Germans living in Sweden and that he and his wife are considering to move there for good as well. They have three sons and all of them have been with him to Sweden. The thing they like most about Swedish society is that people there are often open to different cultures and ways of life. Now we have the chance to exchange thoughts and ideas with other nations. Siegfried says it's not so important how well you speak a language so long as you try to communicate. You will always find a way to express yourself when you have the right motivation.

Many people who want to learn English don't have much time. Here is what Siegfried says about this problem: I often spend a lot of time in my car. Instead of listening to private radio stations I put in an interesting cassette with texts in English. I listen every day for about 15 to 20 minutes and I think it's a very good method to memorize new words and phrases.

Well, are you in the same situation as Siegfried? If so, how much time do you spend in the car? What do you listen to as you drive? Have you ever tried listening to English texts? You don't have to concentrate on the cassette, just let it play and you will see how you pick up the vocabulary. The key is to listen to texts every day.

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Author: Torsten Daerr