Many much

The session 22 is about MUCH, MANY, MORE and A LOT. When do we use those words? When you listen to the following conversation you will find out:

- Why do you ask me so many questions? Do you have too much time?

- No, I want to learn more.

- Well, then you should buy a good reference book. It doesn't cost that much.

- But I already have so many books and it always takes so much time to find the right one.

- Really? How many books do you have?

- I don't know the exact number but it must be over three hundred.

- Well, that's quite a lot.

- How much time do you spend reading them?

- Oh, I don't read that much these days. My friend says I need more exercise because I'm getting fat.

- I think you're friend is right. A lot of people don't do enough for their bodies. It's different with me though: I do a lot of sports.

- Do you? I would do more sports too if I had somewhere to go to. There aren't any good sports facilities in this town.

- You must be kidding. There are a lot of places to do sport. You just have to take action.

- OK, you are right. Why don't you take me with you the next time you go? I think we can have a lot of fun together.

- Well, I'll give it a thought and let you know. I must run now -- there are more people who want to ask me questions.

- Oh, I see. It's always the same. Everybody seems to be in a hurry today. Anyway, many thanks to you for your advice.
Author: Torsten Daerr