Months 2

January usually is a very cold month with lots of rain and sometimes snow. February is the shortest month, usually it has only 28 days. March is the start of spring. April the first is April Fool's Day when people play other practical jokes on each other. In May I'm usually very busy in my garden. June, July and August are typical summer months with lots of sun and long days. September is the start of autumn or the fall as people in North America say. October is a very colourful month with all the different colours of the trees.

In November the Christmas season starts and many people start doing their Christmas shopping. In the last month of the year, December, many people are usually very busy with various Christmas activities such as baking cakes and preparing Christmas gifts.

December the 31st is a holiday. In English we call it "New Year's Eve". In German that day is called "Silvester".
Author: Torsten Daerr