Time management

In session 20 we are talking about language learning and time management. A lot of people want to learn English but they often say they don't have enough time. We all have jobs or businesses to run and then there is the family that needs attention. Especially around the end of the year when Christmas approaches we are very busy with shopping and baking cakes and biscuits. So, you ask: How do I find the time to learn English? Well, how much time do you spend in your car every day? Half an hour? 60 minutes? One and a half hours? And what do you do when you're in your car? Do you switch on the radio? What is your favourite radio station? Radio PSR?

Or maybe JUMP? What kind of information do you get from those stations? Most of the time they play the same pop songs over and over again. Do you understand the lyrics of the pop songs you're listening to? No? So, why do you listen to them then? Why don't you listen to a cassette or a CD with real information? If you want to learn English you should listen to English texts for at least 15 minutes every day. 15 minutes is not much if you manage your day properly. You can listen to an English tape while you're having breakfast or when you're cooking lunch at the weekend. How much time do you spend watching television? Not much I suppose. But maybe you could watch even 5 minutes less and listen to an English tape instead.

Now, I know what you are saying: This sounds like very hard work. Learning English can be very hard work. But if you invest 10, 15 minutes every day you will make very a good headway after a couple of weeks.

If you come to our English class in Leipzig you will get more tips on how to learn English every day.
See you there.
Author: Torsten Daerr