What about the possessive 's'?

Dear Friend,

Today is an exciting day because in lesson 6 we are going to learn how to use the "possessive s". This might sound complicated but it's not. Take a look at these sentences: "My best friend's name is Mike. He is a self-employed data base engineer and works for several companies. Mike's goal is to start a company of his own so he can be more independent." Did you spot the possessive "s"? Here are the examples again: my best friend's name, Mike's goal

So, when do we use the "possessive s"? Read this short text and try to find out which color the possessive "s" is in -- red or blue? You can tell me your answer on the forum if you like. In addition, you should continue practising the English alphabet because many English words are spelled differently from the way they are pronounced. That's why our next audio session contains the next letters of the English alphabet and you will hear Sue Darville spell her name. Sue also spells some English words that you can try and write down to practise the English alphabet. If you are ready for the new audio session, please click here.

And finally, it's time for our next English test which is all about modal verbs. I do hope you know what modal verbs are? Just try to answer the questions here and let me know how you did. If you have a question about modal verbs, simply click the "Click for Explanation" link next to each test question. Those links direct you to the forum where you can ask any grammar or vocabulary question. For example, if you want to know more about the difference between "must" and "had to", you click on the following link: must vs. had to

As you can see, the forum is an excellent place for you to practise your writing skills and get answers to your grammar questions and I hope you'll start using this tool soon.

Good luck!
Author: Torsten Daerr