A day in the life of a driving instructor (2)

The Major took Mrs. Carruthers out in his car for the trial lesson. She broke almost every rule in the Highway Code and the Major was very glad that his car was fitted with dual control. When they were safely back in the office he told her she would have to take the full course -partly because she obviously needed it and partly because it was good for business. Mrs. Carruthers agreed to come for a lesson at ten o'clock every Tuesday for the next six months. The Major was not sorry to see her go, particularly as his next pupil was a young man who was learning quickly. He had had only three lessons and already he was driving quite well. At one o'clock the Major went home to lunch.

Mary      How was business this morning, dear?
Major     Let's just say it had its ups and downs.
Mary      I see. Haven't you got a pupil taking the test today?
Major     Yes, Miss Chalmers is taking it this afternoon. She's a.
          first-rate driver. I'm sure she'll pass.
Mary      Do you mean that very glamorous girl with the long
          fair hair?
Major     I don't know what colour her hair is. All I know is that
          she's a very capable driver.
Mary      I don't believe you, John.
Major     I can assure you she's an excellent driver.
Mary      I'm not talking about her driving. I mean I'm sure you've
          noticed the colour of her hair.
Major     Well, maybe it is fair. Anyway, I must hurry now and see
          that the car's in order.

When the time came for the driving test the Major always asked his pupils to arrive at least half an hour early so that he could go over any points that needed attention. Lucy Chalmers arrived at the school at a quarter to two.

Lucy      Good afternoon, Major. Have you got your fingers crossed?
Major     There's no need to do that for you, my dear. I'm sure
          you'll pass.
Lucy      I'm very nervous.
Major     That's only natural. By the way, if I may ask, what's
          happened to all your long fair hair?
Lucy      Oh, I'm wearing a short wig today. I thought it would
          look more  businesslike.
Major     That's a good idea. Now let me give you a final test on
          the Highway Code.
Author: Alan Townend